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Good News/Bad News

It’s been a week filled with good news and bad news. Here are a few examples:


The Good News- Last night L slept the entire night for the first time, from 6:30pm-6:30am.

The Bad News- I woke up with a wet shirt and sheets as my breasts (specifically my left breast) is used to be emptied around 4am every night.


The Good News-  We’ll be seeing a lot more of A in the coming weeks.

The Bad News- It’s because he’s been laid off from work.


The Good News- L has gotten really good at pulling up on furniture.

The Bad News- My laptop was sitting on the couch, and L managed to rip off the A and E buttons. The E snapped back on, the A was broken beyond repair.


The Good News- The days and evenings are cooler so we don’t need to use the A/C which will save us some money.

The Bad News- I keep forgetting to turn it off, so we are still spending money and end up freezing.


The Good News- My shoes I ordered online finally arrived.

The Bad News- They don’t come close to fitting. (damn my fat feet!!)


The Good News- I can return the shoes.

The  Bad  News- It will cost $10 to ship them back, they cost $9.99.


Pretty shoes that can’t accommodate my fat feet.


The Good News- My team won in fantasy football this week (and I’m the reigning league champ bitches!)

The Bad News- I’m playing fantasy football (I actually hate fantasy football, this is all A’s fault)


The Good News- We had a lot of fun picking apples at the orchard.

The Bad News- We forgot all about swimming lessons in our excitement.



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What a crazy day!

Today started out pretty good. I got to sleep in this morning as hubby had an unexpected day off, so we planned on going apple picking as the weather was perfect. After L’s nap we loaded up and headed out to the orchard that L and I have gone to for the past 2 years only to find out it’s being turned into a housing development. A tank of gas and quick google search later we were headed to a different orchard 20 minutes outside of town. We had a great time picking apples, and it was fun to have L along for the first time.


Having fun picking apples

Yummy! If only I had some teeth!

Admit it, I’m pretty cute!


On our way home A got a mass text from his supervisor that everyone needed to show up at 9am with all of their equipment, IDs, uniforms etc.  Usually they have to be at the office for 7am so that they can be on the job site by 8am. He already got notice of layoffs for Oct.31st, but there was a possibility the project would go longer. It sounds like the layoffs are happening tomorrow, but they won’t say for sure . A part of me is looking forward to us both having some time off, so that we can hang out and do some things with L that he usually doesn’t have the energy for after work. The other part of me is freaking out! We can get by on my mat leave pay, and his unemployment. We will have to tighten our belts which we haven’t really done since I’ve been on mat leave, so there is definitely room for cutbacks, and if worse comes to worse I can always go back to work a month or two earlier than planned. I know that financially we’ll survive this, but I’m still freaking out a little bit.

Once we got home L took another nap, and I got to work putting the adorable pictures up on facebook then A took a nap.  I went to get A up from his nap at 6pm as L was getting tired and it was A’s turn to put him to bed. All the sudden it hit me. A has swimming lessons at 6pm!! Needless to say we missed swimming lessons, and I felt like an idiot for forgetting about it. He’s 9 months old, I doubt he missed anything super important, he probably won’t be behind in next week’s class.

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Baby Personalities

I don’t have a lot of experience watching a baby grow up and seeing how they turn out, so I wonder how much of what I see in L will still be there in two, four or fourteen years. He’s kind of a flirt and always so happy, seriously he almost never cries. He’s really easy going, and pretty awesome if I do say so myself. When he’s older will he maintain that easy going, happy personality?  Will he be a flirt when he’s a teenager? He eats everything except sweet potatoes, will that stay the same, or will he become a picky eater? Will he still be adventurous, silly and active when he’s grown?

He’s so perfect and untouched by life. He hasn’t had the opportunity to become jaded, to get screwed over, or to realize that not everybody out there is smiling and happy to see him all the time. I want him to keep the core of his personality as he grows up. I hope that he can be an easy going kid and adult, and I hope that he will always keep his sunny outlook on life. I will do everything I can to make it happen, but I fear I’ll just end up adding to a list of things he will someday share with his therapist.

Those of you with older kids, are their personalities similar to what they were as a baby? Is it a sign of what he’ll be like when he’s older, or is it all a crapshoot?



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