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6 Stages of Grief

A little over a month ago I whined wrote about how L decided to make “dada” his first word despite my best efforts. Since then I went through the 6 stages of grief.

First there was Shock-“What.Was.That?”

Then there was Denial– “No, I think he said “baba” not “dada”, because there’s no way he could possibly say “dada” first.’

After Denial there was Anger– ‘What the Fuck??!?! I’ve have spent hours trying to get him to say “mama”! I ruined my vag and I pee my pants on a regular basis, the LEAST he could do is say “mama” first. He owes me that much!”

Then came Bargaining“Come on L, just say ‘mama’ one time, I promise when you are 16 I’ll buy you a car. Pleeeeease!”

Then Depression– *sob sob* “L must love A more than me. I must be a terrible mother” *sob sob*

And finally Acceptance- It’s ok, he doesn’t even no what he’s saying it’s just a sound. He’ll say “mama” when he’s ready.

Once I finally came to terms with it, he suddenly said “mama”. Last night we were at swimming lessons and we were practicing blowing bubbles when suddenly he said “mama”. Now there’s about 100 screaming kids crammed in this enclosed pool area, needless to say it’s incredibly noisy. I wasn’t sure he really said it, but then he kept saying it. I was so excited! Yesterday rocked!


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Play Group

Today I dragged my ass out to a play group. I went once before when L was a couple of months old. I had to take the bus, I was hot, and L slept the whole time. I was uncomfortable, and miserable and haven’t been back. At my last check-up for my PPD my doctor insisted that I get out of my house and do something social. Since A is laid off, that means I have the car, and little excuse not to go.

I have to say I had a great time, and so did L. There were only 3 babies there who were crawling so we gravitated towards one another as we tried to keep our mobile tots off of the rest of the younger babies who were laying on the ground doing tummy time. Man..tummy time! It was like a blast from the past. It really made me realize how far L has come in the last few months.

It was really great to socialize with someone who wasn’t my husband or my mother. As much as I love them, I really need to broaden my social circle. It felt awesome to talk to people, adult people who can talk back. It was fun to watch L interact with the other babies, to be honest it was pretty darn cute. I will be making this a part of our new routine.

As fun as it was, why oh why do people feel the need to drag their sick kids out to these things? I get the need to get out of the house, but for one week stay home. Your kid is miserable, and the rest of us don’t want our kids to catch whatever you are spreading. There are enough germs in the world, we don’t need you bringing them to a place where everything goes into everyone’s mouth. I would think this is common sense, but it seems it is not.


Just stay home!



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6 Things About Parenthood that keeps me on my toes

1- Sleep- Just when I think I have this sleep thing figured out, L up changes everything. For a couple weeks he would go to bed at 7pm, wake up at 4am for a quick snack and then back to bed until 8am. It was awesome, it was blissful. I felt like I got a reasonable amount of sleep, and I didn’t mind the quick 4am wake up. All of the sudden he’s waking up 3 or 4 times a night, and it SUCKS!

Forget about trying to read about sleep training. Want to cry it out? You are a heartless bitch. Want to rock your baby to sleep every night? You are coddling your baby and will screw him/her up forever.

2- Spit up- When L was smaller it happened a lot more. I had to do laundry every 2nd day because ALL of my bras smelled like rotten milk. It didn’t matter how big of a receiving blanket I had, or much of myself I had covered, he always missed the blanket, and it always went straight down my bra. I could be wearing a turtleneck, and I would still end up with spit up pooling in between my breasts. Now he spits up a couple times a month. I never know when it will happen, or where it will land.

3- Falls- This is a fairly new one. In two weeks L went from crawling to cruising and climbing up the stairs. He’s figured out how to land on his butt instead of just falling back and landing on his head for the most part. He doesn’t yet understand obstacles, or that not everything is balanced or sturdy enough for him to climb on top of, so we still get a fair amount of falls. If he’s anything like me his days of bumps and bruises are only just beginning.

4- Things in his mouth-L has a secret baby radar that can detect things that he shouldn’t be ingesting. I could have just swept, mopped, and vacuumed and the one little inedible morsel that got left behind he will find, and he will put it in his mouth. He ate a part of a silica gel pack- we still have no idea where he found it.

5- The weather- When I leave the house it’s nice and warm- so a long sleeve shirt and jeans is sufficient. I run into the store to grab one thing come out 5 minutes later and suddenly it’s raining and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Suddenly L isn’t dressed appropriately. When we get into the car I throw on the emergency sweater, but by the time we get to the next place it’s sunny and warm again. I can’t win.
6- Teething- L is 9.5 months and has zero teeth. Zero, zilch, nada. I feel like I’m going crazy looking for the little white buds that let you know a tooth is on it’s way. They’ll show up eventually…right?