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Off topic-Learn your damn email address!!

I have an email address, is My maiden name is a fairly common, and Jessica is a fairly common name, so needless to say there are a few people out there with my first name/maiden name combo…and they all think that they have MY email address.

I get signed up for endless amounts of spam, ask to confirm email addresses for various websites the usual annoyances. But they’re not all so mundane. So far I’ve figured out a bit about these other Jessicas

– One works for some nature department in the government in Washington. They would forward themselves (ie me) work documents. This one was easy to stop, as all I had to do was reply to the email.

– One has a kid who is 13. This kid is signing up for various websites that require parental confirmation. Request denied!

– One is a professor in Texas, I get the occasional email from students with questions, or more recently trying to submit an assignment. I usually ignore these ones, but I did email the one with the assignment back so they didn’t fail.

– One is sharing her email address with a brother or something who is trying to sign up for Facebook. I keep getting emails from a Joseph trying to get their confirmation codes to sign up for Facebook, when they inevitable don’t get their email they request to have it sent again, and again and again and again. This is one of the most annoying offenders

– One lives in China, and bought a plane ticket.

– One is engaged, and one is pregnant. This may or may not be the same person, and may also be one of the Jessica’s mentioned above. All the sudden I started getting emails from every wedding place on earth, and I would get the occasional email from someone about a baby shower.

– One signed up for a video chat service. I assume this is the one in China.

I’ve dealt with these emails in various ways. Most I can just scroll to the bottom and hit unsubscribe. The ones from the teenager I always deny the request. I like to imagine the kid gets the email that their parents denied the request, and world war three breaks out at home. If it’s an email I can respond to I usually do. When this first started 7 years ago the emails were just a quick polite note letting the person know their mistake. The emails now are still quick but filled with a few more expletives and suggestions that people need to learn their damn email address, and could they please let this idiot knowing I’m tired of dealing with their emails.

On a few I had a little more fun. The video service’s initial email included the username and password. I considered changing the password on the person but then I imagined all the emails I would get when this person tried to fix the problem. Instead I logged on and changed any information I could. First name:learnyourfuckingemail address Last name:Igetyouremailsallthetime
Address:123 It fucking annoying dr. Stop using my email, PA 66666.

I hope that someday they will learn their email address, and I will stop getting all these emails. If you think I’m overreacting, I get at least two or three of these a week, sometime upwards of ten to fifteen if it is a Facebook week.

So my dear readers, if your email address is your name, please make sure when you give it out to people, you don’t fuck it up. Someone like me might be getting your emails.

Last week of maternity leave

This is my last week of maternity leave, I go back to work on Saturday. I feel like I should have a plan of some sort, but I don’t. Wednesday we’ll go to playgroup like always, Thursday is his weekly swimming lesson, but we have nothing exciting planned for this week.

I picked a bad day to go back to work on. Most days I work 8:30-1:30, which is perfect,
I get to see him for a bit before I go to work, he takes a two hour nap during that time, and then I get to see him most of the afternoon and evening. I can still go to doctors appointments with him, I have every Wednesday and Thursday off so we can still do play group and swimming lessons. I couldn’t ask for a better schedule during the week. But every second weekend I work 8am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. I might see him for a second in the morning, if he’s awake before I leave, and he’ll be in bed when I get home. Basically I won’t see him all weekend, every second weekend.

I got to pick which day I came back, my boss didn’t care and was very flexible. The staff schedule we were looking at was off by a day, so when I signed up for December 1st, we thought it was a Sunday, it was not. I could have changed it, but I was already home and back in yoga pants, and changing it would involve driving back to work, to re-sign papers.

So I’m jumping back into this work thing with both feet. No easing into it with some small easy shifts, nope we’re going for the big guns. Seeing as my husband was unexpectedly laid off, and we spent a gillion dollars today on Christmas presents and back to work clothes, I’ll probably be picking up some extra shifts for a while.

I’ve only ever been a stay at home mom. He spends the night a couple times a month at my parent’s house so we can have date night, but I’m with L the vast majority of the time. I don’t know how to be a working mom. I don’t know how to balance it. How do I make time for myself, for L, for A, for household stuff, the rest of my family etc. I’m nervous about making the transition back to work. I know my job like the back of my hand, and I know L like the back of my hand, but the two of them together is completely foreign to me.

Here’s hoping I can figure it out.

Baby’s first Christmas!

We are just over a month away from L’s first Christmas, and I’m pretty excited about it. Since L was born on Dec.29th, he is just about as old as you can possibly be on your first Christmas. He’ll enjoy it as much as one can possibly enjoy their first Christmas. He’ll open presents, and play with boxes and generally not care what he’s getting. Then just four short days later is his first birthday.

Baby’s first Christmas and baby’s first birthday are pretty big things, at least for me. Four days is not a lot of turnaround time. I always felt bad for people who had birthdays close to Christmas, and now I birthed someone close to Christmas. It wasn’t my fault, I had a c-section scheduled for January 13th. That was at least a long enough break to take down the Christmas decorations, New Years is over and the kids are back to school. It doesn’t seem like its being crammed in with the rest of the holidays. There’s also the fact that you have a paycheck or two in between the holidays and the birthday. Someone decided that they didn’t want to be breech, and they should pop my water and slither on out a few weeks early.

I’m determined that he will have awesome Christmases AND awesome birthdays no matter how close together it is. And I know that we adults are the only ones who are going to remember this year’s festivities, but I want to start it off right. So that means no Christmas wrapping paper on Christmas presents, no fruit cake birthday cakes, and no Happy New Year’s party hats. And definitely no scrimping on the presents!