A Cold Wet Girly Day

Before I get into today’s story you will need a little background information. I work with 6 gentlemen with various developmental disabilities who require a higher level of behavior supports than the average person. I am one of two females on my team, and the other lady solely works the overnight shift.

At work I try not to be “the girl”. I embrace my femininity, I wear cute clothes have my hair and make-up done and use pink whenever possible. I try not to do the typical female jobs though. I’ll do my share of the meal prep, but I won’t let them assign me to meal prep every day. I can do any of the required physical interventions, and I won’t let the guys jump in and “save” me (unless someone has a good grip on my hair…then I need someone to block while I untangle myself). The guys respect me, and know how to treat me at work. It took some effort in the beginning as many of my co-workers were uncomfortable watching a girl get hit, and not jumping in.

Since I was purposeful in not being “the girl”, I hate when I do something that falls into a horrible female stereotype…like being a bad driver. Today I had to go to a training, where again I was the only female. And this is what happened when I pulled into the driveway.


It was embarrassing to say the least. All the area managers, and everyone I was training with saw this. I had to call A who signed us up for CAA and then I called for a winch. The first tow truck guy had to call for backup, so there ended up being TWO tow trucks to unstick my car.

Aside from my bruised ego everything is fine. Apparently this happens a few times every winter, they wanted a picture of what happened to send to the property manager. My car is fine, and has no damage and all it cost was a year membership to CAA. The membership ended up being a good thing because to top it off, the four-way flashers drained my battery, so I needed a jump. The only lasting effects are my cold feet. There was a really deep puddle between the office and my car, and no way around it. I had to walk through it several times, and then sit in my cold slushy shoes until lunch when I got to change my shoes.

Normally I’m a great driver-this stuff NEVER happens to me, I swear!

My reaction to the Newtown Shooting

Since I heard about yesterday’s tragedy I have a lot of thoughts roaming around in my head that I just need to get out.

This is such an unthinkable tragedy. I can’t imagine what the families who lost a child or loved one yesterday are going through. I can’t imagine what the children who survived and saw their friend, classmate or teacher die in front of their young innocent eyes are going through. It’s unimaginable to think that anyone would choose an elementary school as the place to carry out such a horrific act. This whole thing is so hard to wrap my head around.

In my opinion CNN, and any other news outlet who was interviewing the CHILDREN from the school land just one notch below the shooter in my books. It’s not enough that that the children just went through that, but let’s interview them right after the fact. They are vultures, and it’s disgusting. I refuse to watch CNN and contribute to their ratings.

The media has sensationalized the shooter, we all know his name, but who are any of the victims? I hate the way that these things are covered. Do we really need interviews from random neighbors, distant family relatives, and basically anyone with a slight connection to the shooter who is willing to get on camera to give an interview? Do we need reporters camped out in front of family members homes? Did camera crews need camera crews outside of the school 24/7? It really makes me mad.

I live I Canada, and events like this make me grateful. I have seen several Facebook statuses and tweets from people about switching to homeschooling, and while most probably won’t follow through on it, it’s still a thought that people have. I don’t have the same gut reaction that schools aren’t a safe place after this happens. If we still live in Canada in a few years when L starts school I would feel confident that he would be safe. In the past twenty years there have been six school shootings in Canada including a couple at universities. The culture around guns here is different, and I’m glad.

I have been giving L extra hugs and kisses, and been extra grateful for every moment with him. Life is short, and none of us know how much time have. Yesterday just reminds us of this, and I’m sure that we all feel this way, and have all given our kids extra hugs.

I’ve been infected

I am sick. I have a trifecta of illnesses going on here. First there is the lovely sinus infection that has me all clogged up, then there’s the bronchitis which has me coughing up a lung every few minutes, and then there’s my voice, or rather lack of voice. I have been battling this bug for a week and a half now, but I finally started antibiotics today.

It’s a Christmas miracle that L hasn’t caught whatever this bug is from me. Not so much as a sniffle, but my sick self is quite disruptive to him at times. No less than 4 separate times today had he just fallen asleep when I have a violent coughing attack, turning what would have been a 15 minute nap time routine, into an event that took well over an hour. Once my non-hacking spouse took over sleep duties L was off to lalaland in under 5 minutes.

Now one would think that said non-coughing, unsnotty spouse would realize that I am very very sick, and offer to take over the sleep routines, especially after the first time it happened, but no. In fact just a moment ago he asked if I would get up with L if he woke up at night. L generally sleeps through the night, but my answer was hell no!

So, what are the chances that L will somehow avoid my trifecta of illness? And Lord help me if A gets this, it would be worse than a man cold!