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How it all began

I guess a good way to start this off would be to tell the story of how I found out I was going to be a mom.  It’s was a regular old Friday the 13th, and my husband and I were making a late night Walmart run after work.  My period was supposed to start that day, and obviously hadn’t.  It wasn’t completely uncommon, I’m like clockwork 90% of the time, but for some reason I found myself drawn to the pregnancy test aisle.  I quickly grabbed a two pack of First Response pregnancy tests and stuffed them at the bottom of our basket while my husband was off looking at something else.  I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t notice, and then I could tell him if it was positive and pretend I never bought it if it was negative.  I wasn’t really hoping to be pregnant at the time, so I’m not sure why  I was so quick to draw the pregnancy test gun.  I think on some level I knew I was pregnant.

My plan to sneak the test home didn’t work as my husband immediately spotted it in the basket.  Once we got home I rushed in the bathroom to take the test, expecting it to be negative and chastising myself for wasting $15.  Imagine my surprise when that second little pink line popped up.  I ran out and showed my husband, who had no reaction.  You would think I had just shown him a new pair of shoes, he was NOT interested, and said “sometimes those tests are wrong”.   I chugged a bunch of water and ran back to the bathroom and tried my best to squeeze enough pee out for a second test.  The next test was again positive and my husband pointed out that they were from the same box, so if the first one was defective the second one likely was too.  I was enraged, and I stomped off to the 24 hour pharmacy to purchase yet another pregnancy test that I would save for the morning.  This time I got one of those fancy-shmancy digital tests that tells you how far along you are.  It was a different brand, and a different type of test so surely if this one was positive he would have to believe I was pregnant.

The next morning before work I hopped out of bed and peed on my third stick in 12 hours.  Again I was positive and 2-4 weeks pregnant.  I woke up my husband to show him, and he merely grunted and rolled over and mumbled something about “it doesn’t count until the doctor says so”.  Once I did go to doctor he told me I should have waited until Saturday to test, since we found out I was pregnant on Friday the 13th and that was bad luck!  Thankfully I saw the doctor on Monday the 16th and he accepted that I was indeed with child, but to this day says we found out on Friday the 13th.